Whiskey Embers Wax Melt Tube


Discover our luxury Whiskey Embers Wax Melt Tube for all your home fragrance needs. Crafted in Scotland with only natural, vegan-friendly, paraben-free wax, each wax melt has been designed to provide an abundant and intense scent. The Tube includes 20 pieces of heart shape wax melts, providing a long lasting and high-quality smell.

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These wax melts release a luxurious fragrance blend – top notes of vanilla and chocolate, middle notes of whisky and base notes of peat. Delightfully fragrant, these melts will fill the air with an exquisite whisky scent that will transport you to the charming woodlands of Dumfries. Let the warm and soothing essence of whisky create a comforting atmosphere in your home.

Make sure to place wax melts in a safe and well-ventilated area, out of reach of children and pets. Never leave lit wax warmers unattended and never add other substances to the wax. Enjoy up to 12 hours of fragrance per melt – the perfect way to relax and unwind each evening. With our Whiskey Embers Wax Melt Tube, have a pleasant and enchanting ambience in your space.


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