Midnight Mocha Glass Candle


Indulge your senses in the rich and comforting embrace of our Midnight Mocha Glass Candle. Hand-poured in Scotland, this 220g vegan and cruelty-free creation promises 40 hours of pure olfactory delight. The fragrance unfolds with inviting top notes of coffee, vodka, and rum, leading into a velvety blend of coffee liqueur and cocoa as mid notes. The experience concludes with the warm, lingering embrace of caramel and vanilla in the base notes.

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Maintaining the allure of this luxurious glass candle is effortless with our care instructions. Before each use, delicately trim the wick to 5mm, ensuring a clean, smoke-free burn. Allow the candle to create a full wax pool to prevent tunnelling, keeping it away from drafts for an even and flicker-free glow. Always extinguish before leaving the room or retiring for the night. Transform your space into a haven of Midnight Mocha sophistication and aromatic indulgence.




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