Midnight Mocha Wax Melt Tube


The Middnight Mocha Wax Melt Tube is your go-to for exquisite home fragrance and delightful aromas. Made of vegan friendly and paraben free natural wax, this luxury Tube set brings all the charm of scented candles without any of the worry. The Tube includes 20 pieces of heart shape wax melts, providing a long lasting and high-quality smell.

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You’ll be enticed by the intense yet sophisticated top notes of coffee, vodka and rum, then warmly embraced by the delicate middle notes of coffee liqueur and cocoa, and finally engulfed in soft base notes of caramel and vanilla. All together they make for the perfect midnight treat.

To ensure your safety, we urge you to please keep our wax melts out of reach of children and pets, and never leave a lit wax warmer unattended. Do not add water or other substances to the wax either. Please also use wax warmers only in well-ventilated areas.

Add the Middnight Mocha Wax Melt Tube to your home and experience a luxurious, mesmerizing scent that will make you feel as though it’s midnight again.


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