Effete Hand & Body Lotion


Experience the luxurious feel of Effete Hand & Body Lotion. Made with only the finest natural ingredients, this vegan-friendly and paraben free lotion is perfect for nourishing and moisturizing skin.

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Effete Hand & Body Lotion is specifically designed to keep your skin feeling soft and supple while preventing it from becoming dehydrated. With a simple application, the lotion will give a luxurious, downright polished feel to your skin.

Simply apply the lotion in a 10p size liberally onto your hands and massage into your body with circular motions. Use daily on rougher areas such as elbows and knees for the best hydration. You will be left feeling pampered and refreshed.

This amazing lotion is proudly made in the United Kingdom, Scotland, Dumfries and is a must-have in your beauty and skincare arsenal. Keep skin moisturized all year round with Effete Hand & Body Lotion.


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