Cherry Swirl


Experience the warmth and luxury of the Cherry Swirl Glass Candle, perfectly hand-poured in Scotland with love. Our product is vegan and CRUELTY-FREE, a special combination of natural wax and high quality fragrance oil ingredients. Our 220g candle will burn for an impressive 40 hours, releasing delightful and refreshing cherry notes in the air. Feel the top notes of cherry, raspberry and blackberry combined with the middle notes of cherry, rose, peach and blackcurrant, laid down on a base of cherry and vanilla.

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To make the most of this candle and its powerful sweet aroma, we recommend trimming the wick before every use to prevent smoke and soot, and keeping it free of drafts to avoid any flickering or premature extinguishing. Allow your candle to burn for the suggested time to ensure a full wax pool and enjoy the feeling of luxury while providing the best safety.

We invite you to experience the luxury of our Cherry Swirl Glass Candle and enjoy an incredible aroma that will make your room a relaxing and comforting atmosphere. Get yours now and let the beauty and delicacy of natural ingredients shine in the air.


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